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If you’re looking to change your lifestyle, quit your job, or just earn extra income by running your own business, these government and non government business experts could get you on your way.Their resources, templates and tips can help if you want to build a successful, profitable business. They cover topics such as: business planning, strategic planning, risk management, managing your business, marketing, building an online business and presence, social media strategies and more.

Flying Solo microbusiness community is hugely popular  they say “[they’re] the biggest community of small businesses in Australia” and have bucket loads of useful products and services for you. 

Business (Australian gov) has lots of free Business Information (tools and templates) covering:

  • Planning
  • Registrations
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • People
  • Products and Services
  • Risk Management
  • Change and Growth
  • Closing

If you’re looking for business courses, here are 100 Free Online Business Courses from Open Culture, great FREE stuff from universities worldwide.

Get familiar with some Key Financial Terms from

spending your money

What area of life, money and investing will you explore?

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