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BiG Tips: Whether you’re thinking of buying a home or an investment, now or in the future – where you buy is crucial. You’ll find stuff on what to buy and for how much in other parts of Property Investing Strategies and Topics, and in various BiG Blogs on property).
Maybe you get advice from friends, other investors, or a local agent. Property investing might not seem like rocket science, but some of the biggest mistakes people make is not doing proper research and relying on biased and untrustworthy advice. There’s an endless supply of ‘experts’ ready to advise you on the Top 10 suburbs, best growth areas, demographics and on and on.
But don’t panic, procrastinate and get so overwhelmed that you end up doing nothing. Check out some self help resources in Investing in You, work through your Big Life Planner, and these tips and ideas could help you:

The following resources can help you make a well informed start to your property journey:

Somersoft PIA (Property Investment Analysis) SoftwareThey claim: “Our Property Investment Analysis (PIA) program is an essential decision tool for investors. It will analyse the capital growth, cash flows, and tax implications for any investment property and provide instant feedback on the projected after-tax cost and rate of return. The software will compute cash flow projections for up to 40 years and has facilities for changing more than 100 variables including property price, rent, capital growth, inflation, deposit, loan type, etc. The internal rate of return (IRR) and the cost-per-week are recalculated automatically whenever a change is made.”

DestinyLive, Margaret Lomas. They claim: “DestinyLive is a comprehensive resource and powerful tool set for anyone investing in property, brought to you by Australia’s leading property investment company, Destiny is a pioneer in the Property Investment Industry and has been in business for more than 24 years. Destiny provide you with the education, support and tools you’ll need to become a successful property investor. Destiny are an advice only company. They do not sell property, promote property developments or act as a buyers or sellers agent. All of Destiny’s Property Investment Advisers are Qualified Property Investment Advisers (QPIA®). Margaret Lomas is the creator, host and producer of the Web TV property investment shows ‘Property Investing Matters’ and ‘Under the Spotlight’ which can be viewed via the My Property TV ( website. In addition to being one of Australia’s most recognised and respected Property Experts, Margaret is the best-selling author of 9 Property Investment books, including titles such as ‘How to Achieve Property Success’, ‘Investing In The Right Property Now!’ and ’20 Must Ask Questions® for Every Property Investor’.”

Location, location, location, Hot Spots… Property buying and investing analysis, research and tools

Here are just a few popular analysts and forecasters to choose between, to help you decide your own path – good luck:

  • RealEstateinvestar They claim: “Australia’s Leading Property Investment Platform Easy to use tools and data designed to help you purchase profitable investment property.”


Neil Jenman (many real estate agents and others disagree with him) has written prolifically about why you shouldn’t sell a property by auction. His real estate training and business is strongly “no auction”. Here’s some of his work and some contrary opinions:

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