Day11 of BiG’s 30 Day Bucket List Investing Challenge


How to choose a financial adviser…
Part 3 Investing information Tsunamis.
Blogs, Podcasts, Webinars, Media, Books, Magazines, Websites…

So much information and so much B.S. online from money and lifestyle ‘experts’.
Have you ever wasted precious time and money, researching and subscribing to useless financial information, education and products? From “so called experts”, that neither ‘fit’ with you and what you’re looking for, nor deliver? Courses, mentoring and other programmes – unopened, half completed and just gathering dust on a shelf, or taking up your computer space? 

Australian governments strictly regulate financial planners and advisers giving individualised advice. That doesn’t mean guaranteeing your financial success, but at least they’ve got your back to some extent.
But with other money, finance and success “experts” and coaches, we’re left largely to our own devices. No remedy unless someone gives “investment advice”, or broken contractual, or other consumer protection laws eg false, misleading, deceptive conduct and advertising. Often we have to rely on industry, peer or client reviews and testimonials – often not transparent, even fake.

So far in the Challenge we’ve looked at:

  • where you are financially
  • financial planning
  • setting some goals (how’s your bucket list going?)
  • common types of investments and strategies
  • your options for getting advice
  • how to choose licensed financial advisers

Well done you if you’ve done your reading and are now clearer on your next investing step.
If not, or you’ve just joined us, a bit of speed reading and reflection – you’ll catch up.

Who are the experts?

Like all professions and industries, finance and investing have their specialists, experts and ‘go to’ people. And there are thousands (if not millions) of ‘experts’, self – made millionaires (there’s even a ‘thrillionaire’!), mentors, coaches, and gurus – in wealth creation, business, share and property investing and more.

Do your research – they say!?

How and where do you find your investing ‘go to’ person, expert or area of investing? Your bookshelf or hard drive (now cloud!) might already be overflowing with research on numerous authors on numerous financial, business and investing topics – but why haven’t you done any investing (or read and applied them all)?!

Professional help or do it yourself investing?

If you have, or want to use, a registered financial planner you know from Day 10 how to choose one, research – done! Just go see them.

But whether or not you use a financial planner, want do it yourself, or are still trying to work out where to start, here’s some help finding what’s available to you:

Links and details in the Big Directory: Resources and Giveaways

  • Media – TV/Internet/Newspapers
  • Books/ Magazines – Educated Investor, Mag Shop and Major Street Publishing – sell thousands!
  • E-books/reports/blueprints/newsletters/updates/subscriptions/memberships /podcasts and webinars

Remember – you don’t get nothing for nothing! Every time you enter your personal details your data is used in some way (whether it’s Facebook, or any other site). Mostly your email address is used to send you marketing and advertising stuff.

A very popular way of doing this is to (Hari Krishna/marketing 101 style) give you a FREE PRODUCT (eg BiG’s Free Life Planner!).

Often you’ll get something worthwhile, sometimes not.

Either way, you’re sure to get a full inbox.

  • Websites (there are millions! Check out Analysts and Commentators and the Gurus in each BiGBook)
  • Blogs (there are millions! Check out Analysts and Commentators and the Gurus in each BiGBook)

Here’s one to get you started: MacroBusinessSuperblog “Is Australia’s leading business and investment blog. Its mission is to bridge the gulf between the Australian business media and reality.”

  •  Forums 

Investing generally – investEd now part of PropertyChat

Flying Solo “Australia’s largest online business community. “

Property investors Property Chat Property Investment Forums [previously Somersoft Property Investors Forum]

Day 11 Your Task/s:

That should give you plenty of sources of investing ideas and experts to explore. 
So get ready for for tomorrow where we’ll check out the experts other than financial planners, but the less regulated ‘analysts and commentators.

Next up:

Day 12 “How to choose a financial adviser and advice you can trust.  Part 4 Less Regulated Advisers – Analysts, Commentators”

I’d be delighted if you find BiG and my work helpful, and share it with friends, family and others interested in life, money and investing.
All the very best with yours.


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Get your own independent financial advice tailored to your specific needs before taking any financial or investing action.

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