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Day17 of BiG’s Investing Challenge| Who are the best investment gurus?| Part 2 Find a Guru

Let’s go find some experts to help you win at wealth creation, business, property and share investing and investing in You. The Who’s Who or the ‘gurus’, the people and companies specialising in life, money and investing products and services,

You’ve already discovered how to find some of the best analysts and commentators and financial planners and advisers around in Challenge Days 5, 9 and 10. So here we’re not talking about them, but those offering broad or tailored – education, mentoring, coaching, strategies or systems to help you.

We can help you…
be financially free, quit your job, retire quicker
boost your income, earn a 6 figure income, become a millionaire, get rich quick
a lifestyle others will envy, work from home
learn the secrets of the rich, do what the wealthy do
just using your laptop, be a share trader, currency trader, commodity trader, bitcoin trader

… many ‘gurus’ claim

You’ll find many of the Gurus in BiG’s wealth creation, business, property and share investing and investing in You.
Google them or find them in the investing information tsunami  where you can also find other, more regulated providers.

This is the area where there’s little regulation apart from general contract, corporation, or consumer protection legislation.

Unlike financial planners, there are often few if any, licensing requirements.
Often it’s left to private industry bodies to monitor or self-regulate through membership and accreditation, such as:

  • Association of Financial Advisers – AFA
  • Australian Bankers’ Association – ABA
  • Australian Property Institute – API
  • CPAAustralia – CPA “Find a CPA (certified practising accountant) or financial planner”
  • Finance Broker’s Association of Australia – FBAA
  • Financial Planning Association of Australia – FPA
  • Financial Services Institute of Australia – FINSIA
  • Indepenent Financial Advisers Association of Australia – IFAAA
  • Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia – MFAA
  • Property Buyer’s Agents Association of Australia – PBAAA
  • Property Investment Professionals Australia – PIPA
  • Real Estate Buyers Agents Association – REBAA
  • Real Estate Institute of Australia – REIA
  • Senior Australians Equity Release – SEQUAL

… many more are listed in Guru Cops

Tomorrow let’s look at how you decide whether their products or services are worth buying – how do they rate?

Love to get your feedback (email) or leave a comment (below).

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All the very best with your investing.


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