Have you got $1,000, $10,000, $100,000 or more for investing – but don’t know the best way to invest it? Today we take a closer look at how to narrow down your investing options – with a little help from investing experts (perhaps some experts or  ‘gurus’ you follow).

Over the past few weeks we’ve shown you how to get help with financial planning, investing strategies, finding and choosing financial advisers, where you can source information (eg from the media, books, magazines, websites) and more (see an overview below of our previous blog posts).

We call ‘advisers’  who don’t give individualised financial advice either Analysts and Commentators some might also have products or services and also appear in our lists of Gurus. Some may have financial planning qualifications eg Scott Pape the Barefoot Investor and fall under both categories (their details may show only in one to avoid duplication. We also list “ancillary service providers”, such as financial planners, wealth managers, real estate agents, accountants, lawyers in the BiG Directory; they’re not rated– plenty of other sites do that, see some rating sites in Day 10).

So,  you’ve got your hard earned money to invest – the million dollar question – “what should I invest in?” If you’ve got a financial adviser – ask them! If you don’t, or just want to ‘do your research’, the next option you might choose is to ask:

Analysts and Commentators

These are economists, demographers, financial planners, journalists, or others with some form of financial qualifications, who you see in the Media – TV, radio, newspapers, magazines – on the internet and elsewhere. Especially in the Wealth, Business, Property and Share industries.

Do you have enough to invest in property? If not, should your $1,000 be placed in the stockmarket, term deposit, bonds? Is your $10,000 better off put into your mortgage? Is your portfolio diversified, or is it all tied up in property, so your $100,000 may be better off in shares, ETFs, a managed fund etc? These are specialist questions needing individualised, professional advice.

Or, go nuts doing it yourself! But the analysts can help (even their published or free stuff is often useful!).

Our list of analysts and commentators shows you their strategies or claimed area of expertise, such as:

  • consumer advocates
  • economics
  • financial or property investing education
  • finance and mortgage experts
  • industry bodies
  • portfolio managers
  • research, statistical analysis and reports
  • superannuation/SMSF
  • think tanks
  • valuers
  • women and investing

You can also see their marketing spiel (claims) from their sites – to save you the time and distraction of having to go there!

Now! I know with your children you’re not meant to have your favourites (and kids, I don’t!). But when you try to decide who you’re going to trust with your financial (life!) future, be honest – you do! Naturally some experts are more aligned with your investing goals, wants and needs, and biases.

At BiG being credible, transparent and independent are crucial. That’s why, unlike so many in the investment industry, I am honest about my favourite investing people, companies, associates, sites (see my background, motives, associates, gurus etc see About me etc). You’ll see this throughout BiG and if you visit my Facebook Page.

Some of my favourite analysts and commentators are (search for them on BiG, you’ll see their specialties etc there):

  • Rob Balanada
  • Business Chicks
  • Paul Clithero
  • Robert Gottliebsen
  • investEd
  • Alan Kohler eureka Report, Business Spectator, clearday
  • Peter Koulizos
  • John Lindeman
  • Margaret Lomas – Destiny
  • Michael Matusik
  • MoneySmart (it’s ASIC – but hey it has great stuff!!!)
  • RP Data
  • Marcus Padley
  • Scott Pape – the Barefoot Investor
  • Phil Ruthven – IBISWorld
  • Terry Ryder – Hotspotting
  • Jan Somers
  • Peter Switzer
  • Kevin Turner – Real Estate Talk
  • Noel Whittaker
  • Women’s Agenda

That’s given you something to start with – and that’s only Analysts and Commentators!

On Day 15 – Part 4 “Less Regulated Advisers – Analysts, Commentators and Gurus” let’s look more closely at the Gurus.

In the meantime:

Your task/s (Day 13 and 14):

  • Pick some of your favourite, or well known, analysts and commentators (they might also be listed as a ‘guru’).
  • Think about:
    • Do you follow, subscribe to or use them, or others? If so why? If not, why not?
    • Have you started investing following their advice or education? If not, why not?
  • Love to get your feedback (email me) or leave a comment (below) on who you use, anyone we’ve listed, or anyone we haven’t listed.

I’d be delighted if you find BiG and my work helpful, and share it with friends, family and others who want to build on their investments. All the very best with yours!


the Bucket List Investing Chick

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