Hello Monday – back to your ‘job’!

Would you rather be somewhere else, be doing something different, or be doing more of what you really enjoy doing – like you did on the weekend?

Everybody’s looking for something, or even someone!

What better way to start your week than getting your money working better for you by finding your investment guru?!

Welcome back to the Challenge, where you’ve seen:

  • how to assess your current financial position
  • goal setting and bucket lists
  • types of investing and strategies, and
  • the wealth of advisers and resources in the finance and investment industries

Your money and financial circumstances are integral to your happiness.

Money can’t buy you love, but it can give you the financial independence and more lifestyle choices – quit your job, more holidays, help out your children or those in need.

Interested in finance, business, superannuation or the stock market?

Alan Kohler, Scott Pape, Paul Clithero, Robert Gottliebsen, Noel Whittaker, Warren Buffet, Mark Bouris, Phil Ruthven, Bernard Salt and many others.

Interested in property investing?

Do you devour the weekend real estate sections, articles, magazines or websites, forums or blogs, for tips and ideas?  Real estate.com, Margaret Lomas, Monique Wakelin, Peter Koulizos, ‘real estate investment info Australia’ and many others.

  • But what about the others we call ‘Gurus’ ? The thousands of others who don’t focus on financial analysis, commentary or education, but claim that if you use their product or service – you’ll get great investing results. Many without financial qualifications, but who argue that their knowledge, experience and success prove they can help you?

Over 30 years ago when I started looking for investing help – before the internet was popular, or even invented – your choices were infomercials, books, seminars, or go to an accountant!

NOW – just Google and you’ll find a ‘guru’ instantly.

BEWARE – many are master marketers and before you know it they’ll have your email address and you’ll be a subscriber – free or paid!

So don’t waste your precious time with spam or junk emails, or from gurus or those who might not have the best investment advice for you.

However you want your money to work better for you and whatever investing stage you’re at, if you:

  • want to teach yourself or children about money and investing
  • have just started or are an experienced investor
  • manage your own SMSF
  • are retired or want to retire

We let our inbox overflow with over 100 emails a day from the analysts, commentators and ‘Gurus’– so yours doesn’t!!

We then sort through them, list them, show you their claims and rate as many as possible, so you can decide more quickly and easily whether or not you’re interested in them. 

Your task/s:

Take a look at who we broadly call Gurus in finance and investing (BiGBooks# 1-4):

  • some good, some bad, some a little ugly
  • some we’ve rated red, yellow or green, and
  • some we call Guru Cops because they can help you check out a guru

Love to get your feedback (email me) or leave a comment (below) on who you use, anyone we’ve listed, or anyone we haven’t listed.

I’d be delighted if you find BiG and my work helpful, and share it with friends, family and others who want to build on their investments. All the very best with yours!


the Bucket List Investing Chick

Next up:

Week 3 of the Challenge: Who are the best investment gurus?

Day 16  Who are the best investment gurus?  Avoid some Gurus

Day 17  Who are the best investment gurus?  Find a Guru

Day 18  Who are the best investment gurus?  Rate a Guru

Day 19 Who are the best investment gurus?  Choose a Guru

Week 4Time to invest – just do it!