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ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)| Ethical Investing – Climate Change, Greenwashing and more

Big Tips: If you want to have control over whether you’re investing in companies with an environmental, social, equitable conscience (eg no gambling or fossil fuels, with board diversity, responsible sourcing of labor and materials or more), your choices and company transparency are increasing. Here are some organisations and articles to guide you.

  • Want to grow your money responsibly? Responsible Investing Association of Australia (RIAA),
    ‘they say’: [their Responsible Returns certification process] “helps you find, compare and choose responsible and ethical superannuation, banking and investment products that best match your interests. Whether you want your money to support healthcare and education, or rather, avoid your money being invested in fossil fuels or animal testing, Responsible Returns filters products based on your areas of interest and location. All of the products and funds that feature on the Responsible Returns have been certified in accordance with RIAA’s Responsible Investment Certification Program which tests whether a product or fund’s investment intentions and processes are consistent with its responsible investment claims. While organisations and individuals pay RIAA a fee to apply for certification, RIAA receives no commission for the promotion of products and funds that have been certified.
    Responsible Returns works best for those wanting products in Australia and New Zealand, but we do also have a number of certified investment products that have a global reach.”
  • Investing in ETFs and What are some ESG funds? – Australian Ethical

    Climate change:

    An Australian man successfully sued his super fund over climate risk. Here’s what that means for your nest egg – Anita Foerster, The Conversation


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