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“FIRE” – Financially Independent Retire Early

BiG Tips: If you want financial independence, maybe even retire early, check out this worldwide movement of younger people, millennials and others, chasing independence and more financial control, by blogging, vlogging, and using social media platforms such as You Tube, Instagram, TikTok and Podcasts to share their experiences and strategies. Often wanting to avoid the mistakes of parents or peers, to tread their own path or create a more independent, adventurous lifestyle.
Whether they’re from Australia, the UK, USA, Canada or elsewhere, check out their experience, their (genuine) following and commercial ties they might have before you decide whether they’re worth following.

Financially Independent and Retire Early (FIRE)

  • Rask (Aus), Check out their  FIRE 10-Step Free Financial Independence Course and other FREE and PAID courses.
  • Aussie Firebug They say: “Aussie Firebug is an anonymous blog detailing the journey to financial independence through investing in real estate, low-cost index funds and Super. By investing at a young age and consistently it is possible to reach a point where your investments pay you enough money to live off. Once you get to this point you are financially independent (FI) and can retire early (RE) or do better things without the constraint of your job…[I] am trying to condense the 45 years of reckless spending into 5-10 years of aggressive saving/investing in order to reach the retirement part years ahead of the current trend. I will be blogging about my frugal lifestyle and investing techniques along the way to reaching financial independence. ” Check out their Podcast.
  • Aussie HIFIRE They say: “This is a blog about having enough money to have a high income and be financially independent after retiring early, or HIFIRE for short.”
  •  Strong Money Australia and their FIRE&Chill Podcast They say: “we break down exactly how to reach Financial Independence and Retire Early in Australia. We cover everything from saving, spending, investments and living a great life.
    Our favourite bits from the show are uploaded regularly to the FIRE & Chill YouTube channel
  • Millennial Revolution (Canada)


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