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Website: Accrue Property

Cons: Consumer Affairs Victoria (SMH below)
They claim: “we tailor direct property transactions to match the specific needs and objectives of individual clients. By providing a safe and tested buyers advocacy process, we work side by side with our members to ensure that they avoid common property mistakes and pitfalls and maximise their potential.
In addition to providing expert property advice, we also consult with our affiliates in the financial planning industry to ensure that our members receive the latest professional and trustworthy financial assistance.
Accrue Property’s Director, Jeff Grochowski holds a corporate real estate license within Victoria and is a member of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV).
At Accrue, we surpass client expectations by consistently delivering a top quality real estate and portfolio management service based on the highest standard of ethics, values, and client care.
Our vision is to educate, inform and empower everyday Australians, by helping them make smart real estate decisions.”
Sydney Morning Herald: “Nick Bendel and Katarina TaurianThursday, 29 January 2015

The director of Consumer Affairs Victoria has accepted an enforceable undertaking from a property investment company that made false claims related to investing in a superannuation fund. Earlier this month, Consumer Affairs announced that it had accepted an enforceable undertaking from Melbourne-based Accrue Property. Consumer Affairs found that Accrue made several false or misleading statements on its website.
One of these claims was that the company could show investors how to use their super funds to “earn an outstanding return, regardless of market conditions or whether capital growth occurs”.
It also claimed the Accrue Landbanking system could turn an investor’s super fund into a “goldmine – to purchase an appreciating asset, without taking a cent out of your own pocket”.
Accrue must now advise current or prospective customers that “no return is ever guaranteed” in relation to investing in property and investing through an SMSF.
The company has also agreed to remove all false or misleading claims from its website and to submit to a two-year compliance program to ensure all company statements comply with Australian Consumer Law.
Accrue has also agreed to pay $5,000 to the Victorian Consumer Law Fund.”

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