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Angelo Mena

Website: Alexa Property Group

He says: “lives in South Australia and is the director of the Alexa Property Group. For many years he has professionally negotiated for the buying and selling of Real Estate. Angelo has lectured in the area of real estate negotiation across Australia. He has a PhD in the area of medical research and for many years has studied human behaviour. Angelo has a passion for real estate and applies his teachings to his businesses and investments. ”
Free book: They claim: “3P Negotiating® is a powerful and practical system that is applied here for the buying and selling of real estate. The three Ps of 3P Negotiating are the Philosophy, Process & Persuasion that are involved during e­ffective negotiation. Here we look at negotiating in a radically different way and are taken on a journey of self discovery which leads to the mastery of the negotiation process. The 3P Negotiating system embraces a powerful Win-Win approach in the area of buying and selling real estate which ultimately leads to a fuller and more abundant life and is a system which can be extend to many other areas of life. “

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