Ann Wilson

Strategies: Money management, Property investing education, Wealth education, share market investing and trading, wealth management
Website: http://thewealthchef.com/

Living a wealthy and abundant life isn’t just about working hard to make money. It’s about getting your money, however much you have, to work hard for you. Whether you are drowning in debt, want to increase your income, decrease your expenses or reduce your liabilities, you have come to the right place. Here we will help you find your BIG WHY – give you the tools, the recipes and create the right mindset to live a truly liberated, financially free life!”
“[The Wealth Chef] is a multi-millionaire with a difference.
She didn’t have a huge family inheritance, a business she sold for millions, or a lucky win on the lottery. She simply learned how to master a key ingredient in life – money- and use it to live her dreams and become financially free.
Even as a young woman Ann was excited by freedom. She dreamt of living a ‘Big Life’. Growing up in her native South Africa – a twin and number five of six kids- she was inspired by the outdoors, new experiences & people, travel, creativity, and adventure.
In the spirit of adventure, and rebelling against perceived boundaries of what is possible, Ann chose to study Civil Engineering and set off following the only recipe for wealth she had ever been taught – “Get a good education to get a good job, and work hard…hopefully at the end there will be something left over.”
She was successful in her career and climbed the corporate ladder- working all over the world on huge infrastructure projects, but she soon realised that this wasn’t the way to real sustainable wealth and certainly not the path to the financial freedom she dreamt of.
Despite being highly educated, she was completely financially illiterate and as a result found herself in her 20s with loans, credit cards and money drama. It wasn’t her fault. Like most of us, she was simply never taught the keys to being financially savvy and building wealth instead of consuming it all and then some in the form of debt. She swore to herself she would figure out a better way.
So began her journey to money mastery, financial literacy and financial freedom.
In the 20+ years since she has learnt about money, money management, debt, investments and wealth.
She says “ I kissed a lot of real wealth “frogs”, crashed and burned on a few “easy money schemes”, lost and gained money confidence, and at times felt really despondent about ever getting my wealth sorted.”
But thankfully she did; and along the way she discovered that there are only a handful of core ‘recipes’ for wealth, which if learnt and consistently applied, guarantee Financial Freedom for anyone.
ann-wilson-about-the-wealth-chefBy age 38 Ann achieved her own financial freedom, meaning she could chose to stop actively working and her wealth would continue to growandsupport her chosen lifestyle.
Today Ann is a woman with a mission and a big message for the World as ‘The Wealth Chef’.
The Wealth Chef International works with people all over the world, bringing much needed wealth education and hope to thousands from every walk of life.
The Wealth Chef students in all the corners of the World- from Africa, to Australia, America & Europe are discovering tried and tested principles to improve their relationship with money, get out of debt, start investing easily, and grow and keep more of their money so they know with certainty that they will be able to stop working and not just survive but live the lifestyle they desire. Simply put – how they can be financially free too.
Ann is a sought after money expert and speaker by large corporations and personal development organisations. Including the likes of The Johannesburg Stock Exchange and Fin24. She is also a regular on International radio and TV having been featured on 702 Radio, Kaya FM, Classic FM, Power FM, SABC and CNBC…
Ann is living proof that no matter who you are, or where you start in life; anyone can become financially free if they just learn and apply the simple recipes for wealth.”