Bernard Kelly

Strategies: Business Coach, Financial education
Website: http://www.bernardkelly.com.au/

He claims: “is the author of the Internationally bestselling book Flipping Burgers to Flipping Millions.
Passion stands out, and Bernard Kelly is deeply passionate about three things: McDonald’s, financial freedom and success. From his first day on the job, cooking French fries at the age of eighteen, he has been fascinated with the systems that drive the most successful restaurant business in the world and what those systems can teach us about life.
As a business consultant at one of the world’s top companies, Bernard’s early savings have grown into the kind of personal wealth many of us dream of achieving. Bernard today owns and runs two of his own McDonald’s stores.
Are you just starting your career? Perfect. Bernard will introduce you to the four stages of a financial life – Right Now, Quality of Life, Retirement, and Legacy – and explain how to navigate them. Starting a little bit later? That’s OK too. Bernard will help you figure out how to get back on track on your path towards financial security.”