Brad Chaffee (USA)

Strategies: Debt, Managing money
Website: https://www.enemyofdebt.com

He says: “I founded EOD in April of 2008 in an effort to motivate and inspire financial discipline by focusing on behavior and truth. Our behavior decides our outcome and the truth is what most people avoid. By teaching personal responsibility, debt free principles, and the importance of planning people can learn how to take control of their finances one step at a time.
My journey to debt freedom and financial independence began in January of 2008. We became sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck and were finally mad enough to take action. At that time, we did not have any savings, knew very little about budgeting and were buried under $26,076.75 of debt.
In the first two months we were able to throw together our very first emergency fund ever of $2,000. It took us only 18 more months to eliminate the retched debt from our lives and I can proudly say we never plan to borrow another dime ever again, for any reason.
As you read and learn more about me by reading my articles here on Enemy of Debt, you will very quickly learn that I not only plan to avoid using debt ever again, but I HATE IT! We took what most would consider radical steps to eliminate the debt from our lives and we do not regret this decision at all. It has shown us our true potential and allowed us to experience financial peace.”
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