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He claims: “[He] … is no ordinary investor… had accumulated a property portfolio of 10 properties in a 5-year window. This put him into the 1% club of real estate investors in Australia … and he was featured in several major property magazines.
But for Brian, he was moving too slow and was looking for a way to accelerate. He stumbled across a unique acceleration system that enabled him to control property and profit from it without having to take on great risk or put up lots of money.
He applies this new-found knowledge to achieve the sort of results most investors can only ever dream of. Give him just 2-hours and he’ll show you exactly what he did, step-by-step…
Imagine there was a way to invest in property without all of the ordinary hassles – deposits, loans and serviceability.
Imagine if that same strategy put money in your pocket every month (instead of ripping it out) so you didn’t have to compromise on your lifestyle.
Imagine if it could allow you to hurdle the 5 biggest things which cause property investors to become stuck: cashflow issues, serviceability, inability to continue raising deposits, bad investment choices and poor structuring.
And imagine if it could allow you to get in the “1% club” of property investors who actually manage to own 6 properties and create real wealth.
Sounds crazy, I know. But believe it or not, Brian Gillett is living proof such a strategy exists. And he’s going to reveal why 96.3% of property investors never get past three properties – and how you can crack the code when you join him at the … Secrets of the Property Entrepreneur Live Event …”

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