Cameron Anderson

Strategies: Property investing and Renovation education, Property investing education, Source property

Cons: Enforceable Undertaking, APRA; Hearing told of developer’s ‘outrageous’ fee structure, InvestSmart 2012; Just one jailed in Trio saga  Money Management 2013.
They claim: “[Silverhall] is a research based property advisory business established in 1999. The principle activity of the business is to identify, through its proprietary research process, geographic housing regions that will grow in value at an above average rate.

Using a ‘financial planning like’ model, Silverhall matches the right kind of property to a clients particular situation. By then monitoring the performance of the investment on a year to year basis, Silverhall is able to provide insight into the benefits of holding or selling the property – thus maintaining an actively managed portfolio in an effort to maximise the returns of the investment …

The Silverhall Advantage
Research – Silverhall has a dedicated research team monitoring the changing property environments around the country. Both risks and opportunities are identified and recommendations are made accordingly. Research is not just for acquisition purposes.

Strategy – Silverhall helps clients to see property as a tool to achieve certain financial goals.

Implementation Silverhall supports clients in all areas of the investment process. From reviewing the research behind an investment to assisting where required with the finance, the legal process, property defects, insurances and managing agents. Silverhall does not offer those services internally, but deals with professionals in all areas.

Monitoring – Silverhall will monitor the investments of clients and keep them informed as to current values and corresponding opportunities each and every year.

Variety – Silverhall sources a variety of developments in a number of locations such that clients in different situations can find the investment tool to suit their needs.”