Chicks n Bricks

Strategies: Networking, Property investing, Women, Women investors, real estate

They say “is a community of like minded women with a common thread in property. Women either running their own business, in corporate roles, or aspiring to improve their career. Chicks n Bricks Members wish to create deeper connections with others to gain knowledge, understanding and inspiration from each other via collaboration and contribution. By connecting with Chicks n Bricks women are empowered to build upon their network and therefore their net worth. The group learnings of Chicks n Bricks may help women avoid costly mistakes in their business and career. Chicks n Bricks understands that wealth is created through knowledge, commonality and sharing, and teaches women how to reach their full potential and turn their passion into profits.
Chicks n Bricks was founded by Valerie Timms. Valerie has been an elite performer in the real estate sales arena for over 14 years. She has been the owner and manager of a number one real estate franchise business and trained many high performing salespeople, as well as managed an administration and property management team. In the past few years Valerie and her husband Adam have founded an exciting new independent real estate brand – Timms Real Estate. Her many years of expertise have led her to branch out in a new direction, and follow her own passions.
The Chicks n Bricks purpose is to create and foster deeper connections with other like minded women in the property industry or related business. By employing a collaborative approach we provide inspiration, high level networking, and empowerment, to help turn your passion into profits.
Chicks n Bricks will be launching membership packages in 2015 for Babe, Glam and Diva’s to allow those women who want to gain the best value from our group the vehicle to do so. But for now please enjoy our new venture and we look forward to connecting with you soon!”