Craig Turnbull

Strategies: Property investing, Property investing education, real estate

Pros/Cons: See Forum posts: Somersoft. He says, “[He] was born in Fremantle, Western Australia, in 1963. As one of four children in a family that struggled to make ends meet, he learned the value of money early in life and grew up with a keen desire to become wealthy. In 1982, he read the first BRW Rich 200 List and discovered that most of Australia’s wealthiest people either made or held their wealth in property. He began his real estate investment career at the age of nineteen and was a millionaire by the age of 28.
Craig had many early successes in property investment, followed by several setbacks. But rather than treat these as negative events, he re-adjusted his approach and turned them into the learning opportunities that have led him to become known as a ‘property guru’. Craig discovered that he had a talent for sharing his property investment experiences, and in 2001 began his education company Property Millionaire Pty Ltd. Since then, he has taught thousands of people how to create wealth through real estate. Over the years the company has expanded into a boutique financial services group offering mentoring programs, finance broking and property-search services – it is now known as Aspire International.
Craig is the author of three national best-selling property investment books: It’s Easy to Invest in Property, It’s Easy to be a Property Millionaire and Unlimited Cashflow – It’s Easy to Make Money in Property. He is also an international keynote speaker on property investment and success motivation.
Craig lives in Perth with his partner and shares his weekends with his two sons. When he is not working, you’ll find him looking at property, at the beach or indulging his passion for travel.”
“Brickraise is Australia’s first dedicated service offering crowdfunding in the property investment market. Brickraise gives investors like you the freedom and flexibility to start real estate investing with smaller investment amounts. By tapping into the power of group investments, you can grow your capital with less red-tape and a higher return on your real estate investment. And developers can raise capital quickly and easily while avoiding the bank finance bottle-neck by dealing direct with investors.

Brickraise is the next generation of property investing – for people who can’t afford to buy a property or don’t want to buy one, yet still want to be able to invest in real estate to build up their investment portfolio – without all the hassles of mortgages, tenants, insurances and maintenance..

CEO: Hillsfar Property Group

– Present (5 years)Melbourne Area, Hillsfar Property Group creates beautiful, affordable homes in sustainable, connected communities. Hillsfar focuses on land development and affordable housing & apartment projects in Perth & Melbourne. We also have a strong focus on the Pilbara region of Western Australia. We are building apartments, short stay apartments and commercial space, targeting pricepoints of $500k-$700k with yields of 10-11%. These are meant for positive cashflow income purposes for investors.

CEO: Aspire Financial Group  (8 years)Perth Area, Australia

Australian group of companies offering property & wealth education, finance broking, financial planning and property investing. Businesses units sold off 2008-2009 to private investors and a publically listed financial services group..”