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Cons: Guvera CFO was concerned when he joined the business, but trusted its CEO to raise more financeTop 5 Reasons Why Promising Startups FailFormer Guvera CEO Darren Herft reveals plans to launch Dragonfly Music as he is grilled in court over company’s collapseGuvera’s CFO in the dark on fundraising, creditors, court toldGuvera facing possible class action by Bannister Law to reclaim investors’ money
Guvera claims: “Guvera was founded in 2008 and set out to build a platform which was able to provide music streaming services along with a globally unique Ad funded model. Our mission was to change the world of entertainment and become a world leading partner in the advertising industry. Our business was modelled around 3 key pillars:​
Provide the full range of music content consumers seek.
Give consumers access to free and 100% legal content.
Become the most targeted online advertising medium ever created.
Today Guvera is focused on commercialising its valuable assets, IP and patents for music streaming and digital advertising purposes.
Guvera’s current activities and efforts towards commercialisation will focus on the Dragonfli Music Product Suite, incorporating the Music Platform, Advertising Engine and Brand Channel Technology, utilising Guvera’s unique Ad Funded Mobile Patents.
Dragonfli Music provides brands with access to the Guvera Brand Channel Technology to connect with their own digital channels, alternatively brands can utilise the technology for a standalone channel. The technology can also be used with or without Music – music can be substituted with any type of Digital Content.
​​​GUVERA has launched a communications plan to update all shareholders via a series of EDM’s, fact sheets and video. Notifications will be sent to all shareholders. ​If you are not receiving shareholder updates directly to your email inbox, please contact the IR support team.”

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