Dave Rogers

Strategies: Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Leadership, NLP, Personal Development, Speaker

He claims: ‘is a bestselling author, certified coach, and business consultant whose philanthropic techniques have seen him become a leading voice in the fields of conscious entrepreneurship, heart centric leadership, and personal development.
The breath of education services has led to engagements in in Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, the USA, and India, as well as leading leadership workshops and professional development travel expeditions to the Cradle of Mankind in South Africa, Machu Piccu in Peru, the Great Pyramids in Egypt and the Mayan Prophecies tour to Chichen Itza.
Born in Canada, he achieved his Masters in Business Administration before joining the Royal Bank of Canada’s Corporate Banking division. After twelve months, Dave was selected to join and expand the Risk Management and Corporate Banking division of Royal Bank of Canada. His responsibilities included credit risk management, corporate banking planning, and culminated in duties overseeing human resources and talent management.
In 1995, he was recruited to join the fixed income department of Credit Agricole Indosues, a leading European financial institution and was tasked with building and managing a billion dollar bond portfolio in Hong Kong. In 2001, Dave launched a number of social enterprises that allowed him to transition into education, professional development and training. He now devotes his wealth of experience, energy and insight toward building and mentoring all forms of social, entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial initiatives, projects and enterprises.
He is an Internationally Certified Master Coach, a Master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and recipient of the Spirit of Enterprise Award in Singapore. His MBA was in International Business and Finance from McMaster University, and he completed a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Business at York University.
Dave’s vision has taken him to more than forty three nations across five continents, conducting mentoring and coaching workshops, delivering keynote presentations and engaging hands-on with key decision makers in private companies and public organizations.
His expertise has involved him with public and private policy in Singapore, unity in diversity for the United Nations in India, and working with the Minister of Finance of the Central Bank of Indonesia.