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They claim: “was established in November 2000 … Our company philosophy is based around providing outstanding service and knowledge, with a strong ethical focus on what we recommend. We specialize in being a seamless financial services company whereby you can access the services of mortgage brokering, financial planning and investment property consultancy. well researched investment properties, personalized financial assessment, so you can invest with confidence, rapid mortgage reduction and electronic loan selection from over 30 lenders including all of the major banks.
Mortgage Broker: You can access all the information for all four major banks, all the second tier banks and most of the non-bank lenders
Financial Planning: Secure your financial future by obtaining sound advice from an experienced financial planner.
Investment properties: We have our finger on the pulse of the investment property market throughout Australia. We specialize in seeking out high capital growth, high rental yield affordable hot spots
We take a highly consultative approach with prospective clients and look to build a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with people.
Initially we work with our clients to find out their needs and desires, and as importantly their financial capabilities to insure whatever products we do recommend are suitable. Our services include a personalized financial analysis for those who wish to acquire one, enabling clients to analyse their financial position to reassure themselves that what we’re offering is safe, secure and affordable.
With the investment properties we offer we researched them using our more than 15 years of experience in the investment and property industries. We look for properties that meet the fundamentals of a successful investment property including that they are real market value or better.
Our personal guarantee is if you’re unsure of the value of any property we propose to you, then you can get your own personal valuation from any accredited valuer. If the value of that valuation does not come within 5% of the purchase price of the proposed property, then you’re under no obligation to proceed, and we will refund any reasonable out of pocket expenses you have incurred acquiring that valuation, including the valuation fee.
Our mortgage and lending alliances provide our clients with a wide selection of loans through electronic means enabling them to objectively pick and choose the ones that are best for them in a relaxed environment.
We offer our clients a complete set of tools and services for personal investment success: proven strategies, structured investment properties, leading edge information, extensive access to key institutions, sophisticated information technology and most importantly, dedicated professionals who believe in what they do because it’s working for them as well.”

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