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They say: “Property investment should be a positive and stress free experience and we achieve this for our clients by providing an integrated property investment service. We focus on 3 key areas which include property investment education, innovative developments and thorough property management.
Property investment starts with education. Our educational events provide experienced advice, property industry resources, the latest market data and proven case studies. You will gain valuable insights by having access to financial advisors and experienced property investors.
Your Style Homes develops and builds beautiful properties that people love to live in.
These properties are built with durable products that are backed by long-life warranties. These properties are coupled with thorough property management to ensure that our client’s experience is stress free, with high rental yields, and keep the property looking beautiful as the asset grows in value …
Dean Parker, Managing Director – Your Style Homes
Formerly an IT employee, Dean’s drive for a better life led him to property. He and his wife Elise purchased their first home in 2001, a 2br flat in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. Fast forward to today and he has personally been involved in 450 property transactions with a total value of over $160 million dollars.
In 2004 he transitioned from his job to full time property investor and is now the Managing Director of Your Style Homes, a full-service property investment company. Dean’s experience includes renovating 218 properties and developing 204 new properties.
Dean is passionate about leveraging his extensive practical experience to educate people in all facets of property. Your Style Homes lives their mission, “Satisfaction Beyond the Keys” with an objective to maximise his client’s capital growth and rental return prospects by creating beautiful, practical and well-managed places to live.”

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