Joanna Martin

Strategies: Business Coach, Personal Development, Women and Business, Women and investing
Website: http://oneofmany.co.uk/who/

” One of Many – Like any company, we come from many.
We are women and men grounded in the experiences of business, education, success, childbirth, health, relationships and have higher education in “life in general”.
We are authentic; we promise to be what we say we are, and do what we say we can.
We are open minded; we are on a journey like everyone else and we don’t believe in rigid systems.
We are joyful: we feel it, we believe in it, we live for it. And we know that when we share it, it multiplies.
We are many, who know it’s time…
To help women become the shift they wish to see in the world.”

“Dr Joanna Martin

You are one of many women. Just like me.
So before I find out all about you, can I tell you a bit about myself?
I’m Jo, founder of One of ManyTM. In my life I’ve been a doctor, actress, and successful entrepreneur that neared burn-out. I had to find a different way of doing things, someway sustainable. I did.
Interestingly sustainable meant even more successful. Which was cool. But perhaps not surprising. So since then I’ve become a fierce advocate of lifestyle-first, work-second thinking.
I’m also a diplomatic wife, a sometimes-too-tired mother, a loud sister, and a caring friend. I’ve got a very cool head, but a very big heart.
I’m many things. And I’m just one of many women.
Like you.
And together we can change the world.
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