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They say: “Launching in Adelaide in 2009, Fred Rasheed, CEO of Total Investment Property Solutions (TIPS) and Total Investment Property Management (TIPM) has worked with his team to introduce many first time investors to the benefits of the Adelaide investment property market.
TIPS was set up to be able to help first time investors purchase their first Adelaide investment property and then once comfortable consider adding to the portfolio. Unlike other companies, TIPS won’t just let you go once the “deal in done”. We will be there for you through the whole journey from start to finish and help you with anything you need to firstly purchase your property all the way through to managing the property into the future.
Through investing in NRAS (National Rental Affordability Scheme) properties, SMSF (Self Managed Super Funds) property investments, or the popular $50 per week properties, TIPS has helped to educate new investors of the many opportunities available to them in the Adelaide investment property market and discover which investment strategy best suits their needs, as well as help to further develop the existing portfolio of many current investors. TIPS works with clients to find the most suitable investment strategies within the Adelaide investment property market to allow the best match for each individual’s circumstances.
At Total Investment Property Solutions we also understand that there are many other professionals you will need to deal with and we can organize this for you if you don’t have the right contacts. Building a professional team around you is the single most important part of investing in property as each process is just as important as the other.
Total Investment Property Solutions believe you should have a plan, a great process and the right team around you and you will go a long way to becoming a successful property investor in the Adelaide investment property market. This will also save you time and stress by increasing the benefits and minimizing the risks.
Total Investment Property Solutions aim to help everyday people enter the world of property investment and benefit from the value of developing an investment portfolio.”

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