Gary Stone

Strategies: Share market education, Share trading, share market investing and trading

Products: “Blueprint To Wealth”, the SPA3 Investor investment methodology
They claim: “This is a quick story about how I got started and how my team and I can help you.
Over a quarter of a century ago, I started trading the financial markets.
Yes… I actually started back in the 1989.
Personally, I saw the markets as a means to give me the freedom to do the things in life that I really loved. I wanted to spend more time with my family and friends as well as travel and see the world.
But what really inspired me was the drive to break free from the status quo of following the herd into investing my money into managed funds. I had already tried this having been talked into it by a financial planner linked to my then accountant. The analytical part of me kicked in and soon worked out how much of my money would be lining the pockets of the financial planner and the fund managers.
I quickly withdrew my money from those managed funds and started the journey of discovering an alternative ‘How’.
After looking at all the alternative ‘outsourcing’ solutions I decided that I had to empower myself with the necessary skills to this investing caper and take responsibility for my own outcomes rather than taking the risk of finding out when it was too late that I shouldn’t have ‘outsourced’.
My ‘Why’s’ were very clear to me but the thing that I lacked most was my ‘How’.
After a few years of up’s and down’s and learning some really tough lessons, I decided to lock myself in my home study to once and for all work out my ‘How’.
My ‘How’ would aim to define what stocks I needed to buy, how many I needed to buy and when I needed to sell. My solitary objective was to devise a way of uncovering the ‘real opportunities’ – the stocks that had the potential to explode in growth while also knowing when it was time to sell to protect my trading capital. I also needed to determine when to step aside from the market altogether and when to re-engage.
I literally spent 1000’s of hours researching the market indices and stocks using technical analysis criteria so I could understand what worked and what didn’t. I then used my mathematics and computer science skills to calculate and program the computer to do the analysis and heavy lifting for me. This is how my first trading system, SPA3, was born.
Many years on, it humbles me to know that our trading systems, guidance and support have helped 1000’s of everyday people achieve their ‘Why’s’, their hopes and their dreams in the markets. We now have four main investment systems: SPA3ETF, SPA3 ASX, SPA3 NASDAQ and Intelledgence.
It’s our community of customers that has driven us to the greatest of heights, now for over 20 years. I’ve received so many touching messages from people who said that there is no likely way that they would have made it, if it wasn’t for our innovative trading systems and extensive support. These are the same people that had aspirations of making it big in the markets but had no idea of their ‘How’ or how to get there.
I’m glad that you’ve made it here today. Whether you are a first time investor or someone that has been trading and investing for years, our innovative and intelligent trading systems, education and support can help deliver you a lifestyle that is full of choice, full of options and the security for you to grow your portfolio and achieve your investment goals.”