George Mihos

Strategies: Education, Wealth education
Website: http://www.georgemihos.com/

Contrarians: Jenman: My Brother and George Mihos and Sham testimonials
“… was one of the youngest players ever in the National Soccer League. His life changed overnight at the age of 20, when his young cousin was diagnosed with leukemia and given just six months to live. Her death inspired George to think deeply about the meaning his own life.
The journey took nearly ten years and the outcome was a business concept designed to improve the lives of ordinary people by helping them discover and achieve their own potential to live each day with passion and purpose and to be the best that they can possibly be.
George developed a system of wealth education founded in a balanced life and tested out the principles to achieve his own success in his own life before embarking on helping others.
His financial intelligence education is really common sense but delivered with an unprecedented level of support and caring for his clients. The many testimonials from everyday Australians who have heard George have many common threads.”