Greg Speicher (USA)

Strategies: share market investing and trading

He claims: “gives you the best ideas culled from the world’s greatest investors [to generate market-beating investment results].
In The Intelligent Investor, Graham said that enterprising investing would not be worth it if you could not add 5% to your annual returns. Buffett’s express goal is to beat the S&P 500. That’s the point of enterprising investing – to generate market-beating returns.
Value investing is the most effective strategy for achieving this and creating long-term wealth in the markets. Many studies and the track records of some of the world’s greatest investors attest to its market-beating results. You need to add the necessary passion and effort. is all about you:
developing a world-class investing process
generating market-beating investment ideas
valuing businesses
managing your portofolio
learning to manage your emotions and cognitive biases
making money in the markets!” …
“My Investing Blueprint has ten steps.

  1. Search Broadly and Continually for New Investment Ideas.
  2. Act Like an Owner.
  3. Only Buy Things You Understand.
  4. Buy Good Businesses.
  5. Invest in Companies with Great Management.
  6. Buy the Cheapest Business Available.
  7. Focus on Your Best Ideas.
  8. Practice Patience.
  9. Avoid Stupid Mistakes.
  10. Be a Learning Machine.”