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Joseph Chou

Website: Ironfish

They claim: “As the CEO and Founder of Ironfish, Joseph Chou has assisted investors across Australia and China build a strong property investment portfolio designed to deliver long-term financial security.
Joseph is dedicated to inspiring and motivating others to reach their potential. He is a highly sought-after speaker, presenting to thousands with the aim of disrupting status-quo thinking and transforming mindsets to support people in achieving their goals. His personal story of success, ‘from bicycles to Bentleys’ continues to inspire many.
In 1991, Joseph gave up a distinguished career as a Chinese diplomat and migrated to Australia with very little. His desire to create a better life for himself, and a strong determination to succeed paved the way for his entrepreneurial spirit to emerge.
Joseph quickly established himself as one of the most sought-after Mandarin translators and interpreters in Australia, with clients including Qantas, Telstra, Boral and BHP. In 1998, Joseph made the switch to property after discovering the great potential for building wealth through property investment in Australia.
Before founding Ironfish and overseeing an expansion that has seen 14 offices open throughout Australia and China, Joseph enjoyed considerable success as the General Manager of a major Australian property group. In 2006, Joseph established Ironfish to pursue his vision for a broad scale property services company which could be a true, life-long partner for people seeking to build wealth through property investment.
Joseph is now also committed to helping young, up-and-coming entrepreneurs succeed; he serves as a business mentor as well as a founding investor in a number of FinTech start-ups. Joseph is also the Co-Founder of entrepreneurship training organisation 80Success, a business formed in partnership with billionaire educator, Michael Yu. Joseph is an alumnus of Peking University, a proud father of two, a connoisseur of luxury cars, an avid reader and a true Renaissance man with many musical talents.”

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