James Fitzgerald


is Managing Director of the Custodian Group See too John Fitzgerald.  James claims” The Double Shot Podcast Real Estate & Investment Bites for Millennials Cousins Alex and James Fitzgerald, hosts of The Double Shot Podcast, are under 35yr property professionals who’ve collectively transacted over $500M of real estate and are investors themselves. Each week they digest the key headlines relevant to business and investing with a lean toward the millennial perspective and a focus on how Australians can most affectively use real estate as their key investment strategy.” They also both work for Custodian, a company founded by CEO and Author John Fitzgerald (Yes! they are related) – who also wrote best seller “7 Steps to Wealth”. At Custodian, we have been helping Australians from all walks of life on how to utilise their equity and savings and the power of compound growth, to secure their financial future, and repay their mortgage much faster in the process. Custodian was founded by author of best seller “7 Steps to Wealth”, to help thousands apply the strategy highlighted in the book. When it comes to Real Estate, you couldn’t pick a better channel. Get your ticket to our upcoming webinar and learn more about to build a portfolio and get rid of your mortgage within 7 to 10 years. “