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Associates: Freedom of Choice in Australia see More about the speakers at the Sydney Vaccination Conference 2018
One of his products: Get your teenager a free 21st C Scholarship for free YouTube BEWARE (see below)
Cons: Get rich quick spruiker launches australian bitcoin ATMs  and “Scammer Jamie McIntyre’s crypto projects”  UPDATED April 2019 Bitedge 7.1.14 -11.5.18
They say: “
Jamie McIntyre is an Australian serial scammer who first made a name for himself promoting fraudulent, get rich quick real estate programs. His non-crypto history includes:

  • He was a front man for banned property scammer Henry Kayeand who he ran a business with. Sydney Morning Herald article.
  • He was banned by the Australia Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) from “arranging, promoting and holding live seminars in Australia at which advice or recommendations are given in connection with securities and derivatives”. Participants reported that his seminars were get rich quick scams. ASIC release.
  • He accused the Australian Electoral Commission of corruption because they did not approve his political party’s application. The application listed non-enrolled voters as party members. Armidale Express article.
  • He faked his number of Twitter followers, boasting about them and then lying about it. Sydney Morning Herald article 1 and 2.
  • ASIC banned him for 10 years from providing financial service. They also filed bankruptcy proceedings against him. Sydney Morning Herald article.
  • He threatened to assault journalists (he threatened to sue me for this post). Australian Financial Review article.

More examples from folks who say they are scam victims on the ABC and a relevant Whirlpool forum.
He said “discussions will start soon with the government on regulating the Bitcoin market” Business Insider Australia article.
This is not the kind of bloke we want representing crypto. Especially in the eyes of new people who are considering getting into the space.”

The awful truth about the land-banking The Age 17.10.16
Jamie McIntyre ‘capitulates’ and accepts 10-year ban AFR 17.10.16

Watchdog moves on land banking as investors fear losses SMH 15.8.15
Land banking company linked to Henry Kaye collapses SMH 18.7.15
Henry Kaye probed over $100 million land-banking schemes SMH 12.3.15
How to be more like Jamie McIntyre: Inside a spruiker’s seminar Ben Schneiders The Age 2015
Global1 Scam – online reputation management for the Henry Kaye connection 6.12.2014
Delving into the dark side of shadow brokers SMH 13.8.11
(Jamie McIntyre Exposed removed from the internet)

McIntyre was involved in many areas of wealth creation – share trading, bitcoin, real estate (particularly land banking), education and mentoring. He was a regular seminar presenter, BiG hasn’t had direct experience of his operations. He is often mentioned by investors in various forums and by consumer advocates such as Neil Jenman and Margaret Lomas. As always, due your research!
Some 2004 Jenman articles:
Get-rich-quacker wants help from Peter Costello.
(also on Dymphna Boholt and Steve McKnight)THE PROPERTY REVOLUTION Most investors don’t see it coming.”

McIntyre says [21st Century University]:
Dear Friend, In these times of chaos, COVID-19 is being used by Globalists as a Trojan Horse to destroy our democracy and push through a new one World Totalitarian Government. To remove our civil liberties, human rights and basic freedoms, as we have seen already occur in the police surveillance state of Victoria, Melbourne, we urgently need Independent Media more then ever. We can no longer rely or trust mainstream media who many now consider to be “traitors” to Australia and other counties such as New Zealand, America, England and most countries around the world and pushing the Globalist narratives to deceive and mislead on a grand scale. You turn to the Australian National Review now because you trust that when we’re reporting on the pandemic or the uprisings against police brutality—or the climate crisis—our coverage is not brought to you by billionaire Globalists, fossil fuel, insurance or the Industrial Military Complex or Big Pharma or Vaccine cronies like Bill Gates and his controlled WHO or other enemies of the people.
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As a not for profit we need to raise millions to compete against our foreign billion dollar mainstream media competitors.
Yours Sincerely
Jamie McIntyre Founder of, The Australian National Review”

McIntyre claims [he can teach you]:

  • “How to potentially earn a 6 figure income by blogging
  • Learning about future trends and how to profit from them
  • How to earn while you learn
  • How you could make $30,000 within 90 – 180 days from just one simple strategy that the average Australian can use, and also covered in major TV shows
  • How to avoid the mistakes that cause most people to fail financially
  • Develop the mindset required to become a millionaire
  • Tax minimisation strategies used by the world’s most successful entrepreneurs
  • Powerful Australian & U.S. property investing strategies taught step by step by the experts!
  • How to build second and third incomes
  • How to generate passive income (money that can come in while you are sleeping – the ultimate goal of any investor)
  • How the average Australian that is paying off a house can replace their income within 90 – 180 days from one simple stock market strategy”