Jennie Brown

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She claims:is simply ‘the lifestyle expert’. If you want to improve your mindset, improve your lifestyle, and accelerate your wealth, then Jennie is the speaker for your audience.
As a keynote speaker, Jennie is flexible and versatile, and inspires, motivates and empowers her audience to live a more purposeful, extraordinary and inspired life. An avid traveller – both for holidays and business, she loves to speak internationally as well as in Australia, where she lives.
Jennie is also an Australian property investing expert, and educates from personal experience on wealth and investing mindset.
She speaks on a range of topics including:
Goal setting techniques and tips
Defining your life’s purpose
Circles of influence and priority
Identifying and applying value systems
Time management
Establishing good habits and overcoming bad ones
Identifying self-sabotage and how to overcome it
Achieving self-discipline
Overcoming procrastination
Taking responsibility and owning your life
Choices and their consequences
Wealth and investing mindset
Profitable property investing in Australia
As a speaker, Jennie will discuss your requirements with you, and meet your speaking needs.
In addition to keynotes, Jennie also delivers at events, develops and runs her own seminars, and can design an experience tailor made to suit your organisation.
Free Report: “Profitable Property Investing”