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Jeremy Sheppard

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They claim: “Before joining the Empower Wealth group, Jeremy created a suburb scoring algorithm called DSR (Demand to Supply Ratio) which measures the demand and supply of every suburb in Australia to determine their capital growth potential.
The DSR research has been featured in: Australian Property Investor magazine, Your Investment Property magazine and can be found at www.dsrdata.com.au
Jeremy has a passion for researching residential property and all things capital growth, with an emphasis on big data capture, translation and interpretation of this data – all to increase the probability of overall investment success.
“Nowadays investors have access to a lot more data, but they still interpret it poorly”
Jeremy is a regular contributor to the major property investment publications in Australia and has over 50 articles published, as well as other blogs for the DSR site.
In 2002 Jeremy bought his first investment property for $206,000 in the western suburbs of Sydney. He has since then grown his personal investment property portfolio to 14 houses, 1 duplex and 1 unit across 5 Australian states and 2 countries in a little over 7 years. He used his own research skills to help him select the right areas to buy at the right time. In fact, Jeremy has bought 7 properties site-unseen based purely on his data research. And impressively, the majority of these properties he selected doubled in value in less than 3 years. Although, he is keen to point out this level of rapid growth shouldn’t be something you can always count on and isn’t always present in a market.
Jeremy joins the team to further increase our commitment to greater levels of research to identify new locations where we see the potential to invest. As part of this work, the research team at Empower Wealth is exploring new ways to interpret the ever increasing access to ‘big data’, machine learning and artificial intelligence. This is a rapidly growing field of expertise and we are well placed to be one of the leaders with key researchers such as Jeremy in our team.
Specialists in property & financial advice
Empower Wealth is a wealth advisory company for everyday Australians. Our team are specialists in their given fields with years of experience guiding people like you to achieve your life goals, through property investment and financial wealth building. We liken ourselves to a board of trusted advisors, covering all of your financial ambitions.”

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