John Fitzgerald

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They claim: “JLF group was named after its founder John Leonard Fitzgerald.
John Fitzgerald, is a renowned and respected Australian property expert with over 30 years’ experience in residential and commercial real estate, property development and property investment.

He is also a self-made man. After completing high school at 17 years of age, John hitchhiked from Melbourne to the Gold Coast with only $200 in his pocket. He started working in real estate and quickly mastered the art of building wealth with a sustainable plan that simply works. By 25, he owned over $1 million in net property assets. He has used the same wealth building strategy to develop a multi-million dollar business, sharing his knowledge and skills with everyday Australians.

John has personally bought, sold and developed over 10,000 properties and has an extensive residential and commercial investment portfolio.

John doesn’t just invest in land, he also invests in people. He is the chairman and founding benefactor of Toogoolawa Children’s Home Ltd, which has fostered over 1,580 youth at risk or wards of the state. He also established and runs a unique school for boys who have learning and behaviour problems that make them no longer welcome in mainstream schools. The reason why John does what he does is simply that school.”