Jon Giannopoulos (also Giaan)

Strategies: Financial education, Personal Development, Property investing and Renovation education, Wealth education
Website: http://knowledgesource.com.au

Cons: Knowledge Source / Scammers; Jon Giann and Dymphna Boholt and Knowledge Source / Jon Giann scammer beware  Complaints Board; Investment spruikers catch ASIC eye Money Management
He claims: “is a self-confessed dreamer, an advocate of financial freedom, a passionate wealth seeker and a mad multi-millionaire property investor with an unquenchable thirst for self-education and knowledge. And not just any type of knowledge, but knowledge that empowers and adds value to areas of your life that are crying out for improvement. With that as his inspiration, he foundered Knowledge Source.
Now Australia’s number one education and training company, Knowledge Source brings together the best, most adept and sought-after educators in the area of property investing and self-improvement. The secret of success lies in surrounding yourself with successful people and in practising the wise words of mentors who have blazed a trail before you.