Jon Giannopoulos (also Giaan)

Strategies: Financial education, Personal Development, Property investing and Renovation education, Wealth education
Website: https://knowledgesource.com.au/

Pros/Cons: Knowledge Source Review: Jon Giann and Past Issues, Work with Joshua. Cons: 04-176 ASIC acts against option trading seminars, 2004, ASIC; Knowledge Source / Scammers; Jon Giann and Dymphna Boholt and Knowledge Source / Jon Giann scammer beware, 2017,  Complaints Board
Giann claims: “[he] is a self-confessed dreamer, an advocate of financial freedom, a passionate wealth seeker and a mad multi-millionaire property investor with an unquenchable thirst for self-education and knowledge. And not just any type of knowledge, but knowledge that empowers and adds value to areas of your life that are crying out for improvement. With that as his inspiration, he foundered Knowledge Source.
Now Australia’s number one education and training company, Knowledge Source brings together the best, most adept and sought-after educators in the area of property investing and self-improvement. The secret of success lies in surrounding yourself with successful people and in practising the wise words of mentors who have blazed a trail before you.
Giaan’s own success as an investor and wealth creator came late in life. Aged thirty-six with three kids all less than three years old, no clear career path and no formal education, he realised he’d have to work fast if he wanted to start making enough money to support his young family and achieve his life-long dream of financial freedom.

“I attended every seminar out there at the time – property, shares, business, personal growth, etc. etc. I fell in love with the idea of self-education, and I quickly realised that even though I didn’t have a formal education and I’d failed my HSC, I could still achieve success.

With great determination, drive and application I started at the bottom and built a vision of what I wanted my life to look like. I remember doing a lot of personal development at the time involving vision boards and goal setting workshops. I realised that the first thing I needed to work on was my mindset and then focus on tactics and strategy.

Despite my thirst and commitment, success was elusive. I failed a lot in the early days. I tried futures trading with a small account and lost the lot within six months. I bought a property and the value stayed the same for years. I tried my hand at various businesses without success. However, one of the key things I learned from all the seminars I attended was that its ok to fail and that failing is a form of feedback that tells you what you did wrong and what needs fixing. I used that feedback to refine my strategies and reset my goals.

My game plan was first to master the area of business, make money there and use the profits to build a property portfolio. Diving even deeper into self-education, into every aspect of business, I stumbled upon the concept of direct response marketing and soon became an expert. With this skill, I rapidly became the go-to person in the area of lead generation and conversion. From there, I eventually built my own businesses in business coaching & consulting and publishing. That success enabled me to start and grow an investment property portfolio that today is valued at more than $35 million and growing.

Following my initial success, I was keen to set up a training and event business that would coach, support and motivate people to achieve their goals through self-education. Today, Knowledge Source is that business. One of my mentors said it best… Formal education will get you a job, self-education will make you rich…”