Joshua Smith

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He says: “I Help Everyday People Start and Scale Profitable Content Websites in 2023… I’m Joshua from the Sunshine Coast in Australia.
My blog can help you build a thriving online business in 2022 [now 2023] But…a big but… I want you to be realistic about the journey. That’s my main goal with this blog which I started way back in 2011. Today it’s been read by 850,000+ people globally, and growing month on month. Of course, it never started out this way. It’s always a super slow game in the foundation stage of any project I’ve worked on. For most people, they jump from one thing to the next every month. I did that too. I came to a realization later on that organic traffic is my thing. That, and eCommerce. I’ve very much figured out my lane in the journey. Now I’m doubling down on what works for me. I’m not social media famous, which is why my only links are to Pinterest and Linked in, neither of which I really use. If you want to reach out, simply send me an email > (and yes, I do reply to most!) My projects don’t have instant results. I choose to work on the things which have a large payoff several years into the future. I like to pick the harder paths in the online space. The competition here is far, far less. I play the long game with daily execution… So if you’re searching for the “expert” to get you instant results in 3 months with minimal work, then we won’t be a match. 🙂 Aim towards a 3 to a 5-year window to the future. I work in 10-year segments and I’m just transitioning into my 2nd 10-year block. I have the pleasure of working 60+ hours per week with a genuine smile, and no pretty photos on social media. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone but this is how I like it. Fortunately, I get to work with some of the best people in the world. In my own portfolio I’ve launched:

  • 2 eCommerce Brands purely from content (1x motorcycling, 1x yoga)
  • 7 Digital Assets making revenue from display ads and affiliate revenue
  • 1 Personal Blog (this one) that is the biggest opportunity blog in Australia
  • More than 1,700,000 organic page views total across my websites
  • I’ve also written more than 2,000 blog posts.🙃 Remember how I mentioned about choosing the harder pathways?And despite some good success here, I’m still warming up.”