Karen and Paul Dobson

Strategies: Joint ventures, Property investing, Property investing education, Vendor finance

They claim: ” [they] enjoy living in Port Stephens, NSW and in 2002 came across Vendor Finance in residential real estate. They started researching the idea and found it had been re-introduced to the Australian marketplace around 1998. Their research also led them to believe it was a service needed by a large number of Australian home buyers. They bought their first properties in 2003 and on-sold them with Vendor Finance soon thereafter. Their real estate Vendor Finance business was underway.
negative2positive and JV Property Partners are registered business names of Karen & Paul’s, Harson Trust.
Getting into a real estate based business in 2003 may not be regarded as perfect timing! However, even with the recent “challenges” in the real estate market, Paul & Karen have been able to use the benefits of Vendor Finance, to build their property portfolio to a size they never dreamt of.
negative2positive and JV Property Partners now generate cash flow they’re delighted with and the resulting growth of their property portfolio has allowed them to give up their jobs in the Aviation and Health and work in their business full time.”