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Website: Property Club previously Investors Club

Cons: PropertyChat forum Property club threads;Property investment scheme faces claims of misleading conduct 7.30 Report; BFCSA: Secrets of The Investors Club (renamed The Property Club) boasted $4 Billion in Mortgages up to 2005 Denise Brailey;  Property Club investors in Australia are facing losses of as much as $300,000 News; Property Club investors stung with 45 pc mortgage repayment increases AFR; Thanks TIC … Somersoft (now PropertChat) Forum;  Margaret Lomas FB Sep 2014The Dark Side Of Property Investing YIP.
They claim: “We are property investors who want to help other investors. Our focus is on guiding others through education and purchasing the right kind of property using our services – ensuring you get the right property investment advice.
Established by Kevin and Kathy Young in 1994 as The Investors Club, Property Club has become Australian’s number one wealth creator of individuals.
Our comprehensive services and support of members, combined with the property investing knowledge of founders Kevin and Kathy Young, makes Property Club truly unique.
How do we provide free service?
How can Property Club provide all the services it offers members – for free?” …
The answer is simple – There is no catch!
Property Club is world unique in the way it operates; a club, a real-estate company and a community of property investors working together to help each other.
Our success relates to our business model – working positively with both investors and property vendors to ensure both their outcomes are met.
by offering a one-stop-shop of services, assisting members through the entire investment process, we can source selected residential investment properties via our nation-wide stock list and a secure purchasing process.
by educating and assisting investors to be finance ready, we can offer vendors a national (if not international) reach by offering their properties in a cost effective way, reducing their marketing costs substantially and increasing their turnover.”

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