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EFT Emotional Freedom Technique (see Wikipedia) is a much debated therapy. Decide for yourself!
They claim:EFT for short, is based on a breakthrough in therapy which has provided relief from pain, diseases and emotional issues for thousands of people. Simply put, EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture without the needles, and it is performing miracles all over the world.
Our bodies energy meridian points were established thousands of years ago and have been used by many cultures ever since. EFT involves stimulating these meridian points by tapping on them with your fingertips. This tapping enables you to release stored trauma and negative emotions which disrupt your energy system, consequently bringing relief from pain on various levels.
A growing number of health practitioners, even in traditional medicine, now recognize the connection between our emotions and physical pain and disease, to the point where negative emotions are now considered to be the major contributor to most physical ailments.
Beliefs of Eastern medicine which have been around for over 5,000 years, were echoed by Albert Einstein in the 1920’s when he stated that everything, including our own bodies, is composed of energy.
Regrettably, Western Medicine has ignored these ancient philosophies for hundreds of years, unwittingly and unnecessarily prolonging our pain and suffering. This is why energy healing methods such as EFT work when nothing else will.
Instead of taking months or years with conventional counseling, EFT can fast track results down to even one or two sessions. Positive results are literally experienced within minutes of beginning the tapping. This emotional clearing soon results in the fading of physical pain and discomfort. The symptoms may even vanish altogether.
Emotional Freedom Technique also has the ability to change negative belief systems about ourselves that limit our potential and prevent us from living the life we deserve. If you have heard of The Secret and The Law of Attraction, then EFT is a huge part of this consciousness movement because it has the power to transform the subconscious mind so effectively and quickly.
Once you have learned EFT tapping you can use it anywhere for virtually anything. It is quick to learn and incredibly easy to use. Register for your 6 free videos on EFT for Wealth and Success, including a short EFT Tutorial at Conscious Wealth Institute.”

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