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Strategies: Developing, Property options, Property seminars, Wealth education

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BEWARE EMAIL received and circulating broadly cites USAComplaints Board decision and complaints and this recent USA Federal Trade Commission decision banning similar real estate coaching, upselling practices.
BiG hasn’t  verified the information and the email and comments made are opinions of the email author only – the email warns:
“Mark Rolton and his scam property company Massland, a new Covid era con man on the Gold Coast Australia who used to work closely with Jamie McIntyre CEO of the notorious 21st Century Education another seminar spruiker scammer who worked with Henry Kaye in Melbourne another property scammer. This new scammer / seminar spruiker / Guru – Mark Rolton left Jamie McIntyre back in 2012 and set up his own scamming business and has been ripping off the Aussie public for over a decade ..  using You Tube , google,  internet, wealth seminars, fake testimonials and fake  joint ventures..  I feel sorry for the poor people who still get scammed by him. He’s scammed over $30 million from them… 6000 people at $5,000 each. The ACCC, ASIC, ATO for tax fraud and associated government fraud and misconduct agencies have started investigating him now… This new Peter Foster style wealth guru  scammer is taking advantage of the COVID situation to scam thousands of trusting broke Australians!! Good mates with Jamie McIntyre/ and both live on the Gold Coast… Rolton started the scam by promoting his Massland $5000 product via Mcyntire’s 21st Century seminars and splitting the income, when 21st Century went under, Rolton continued the scam and is still operating. Mark Rolton’s Company is Has No ASIC AFSL financial advisory dealers license – no real estate lincence, he also blatantly offers wealth advice – but disguises it as education- through books, useless rip off courses and webinars – like all the wealth gurus do. Fraudulent misrepresentation, false and misleading advertising, failing directors duties. Breaching [sic] corporates Act. Deceiving and lying to customers. Overpromising, false results statements, fake testimonials to lure customers. He tricks people to buy his dodgy, useless $5000 how to make millions course/ system that he promises will make you a property millionaire in one year or less –  he makes his money from selling the expensive useless course/ system that he ripped off from the internet and he never delivers on his joint ventures..   front running customers to get better deals for himself..  the customers are left broke and disillusioned… He Uses this wealth seminar outfit in Melbourne called Knowledge Source owned by his mate and known con man guru John Giann to book the free 3 day seminar to pump you up to buy- then he upsells to his course for a  $5000 so you can make millions via Property Options – then upsells more eager customers to his $35,000 higher level course… He rents Ferrari’s and Lamborghinis and jet planes etc etc the usual toys, then videos himself with the expensive cars and posts these on YouTube to boast and target vulnerable broke insecure people with little income or assets and also people with disabilities..  pathetic !He frequents the Versace hotel on the Gold Coast showing off the yacht he bought with the $ he scammed. He heavily advertises on google and YouTube, who know of him, YouTube just takes their advertising $ from Rolton who promotes his dodgy scams with fake testimonials… Mark Rolton says in the YouTube vid plus in the the above website “ And the first time I used this system I made $42,000 in 48 hours. Then to prove it wasn’t a fluke I did it again a month later …… and I pocketed $1,060,000.” This is all lies and fraudulent misrepresentation, deceptive bait advertising and just marketing hype to deceive and he includes  it to prey on the people’s insecurity and non realistic expectations to make quick $1million in 48 hours and become overnight millionaires by following Mark. – for a fee of course .. the ACCC should fine them and ASIC should shut them down as fraudsters- breaching directors duties to scam the public, the customers say they are scammed and want their $ back. The testimonials are all fake and setup…  Start with the above – please expose and report this con man scammer so the public and authorities know – and stop him from scamming more innocent people struggling with COVID lockdowns! Check out the images of Mark Rolton on google ! All fake and superficial, some are photo shopped to scam people. More info follows

Mark Rolton also Uses John Giann another scammer who owns Knowledge Source as the lead generation to get customers to attend free seminars then up sell them and charge them massive fees for a scam system they know the clients will fail at.. promising them they will make millions – Furthermore the customers all compete against each other to try and buy the same property or use the massland out dated ways to get deals etc – that simply don’t work … Rolton is fully aware of this and doesn’t care… Click here to see,,,, Please help us shut him down and return all the $30mill money he scammed and so he stops ripping off poor unsuspecting Aussie battlers… ”

Rolton claims: “[he is] Australia’s most respected entrepreneur and property options strategist. But the ascent to success for this self made millionaire, was far from easy.
Early in his career, Mark then a builder found himself in the devastating position of facing financial liability for one of his employee’s actions – to the tune of nearly half a million dollars. He was just 22 years old.
Teetering on the precipice of bankruptcy, Mark was forced to clean windows to make ends meet. Fueled by an unshakable belief in his vision of financial freedom, he continued to channel every ounce of energy into finding a solution, refusing to give up.
As the saying goes, ‘The harder you work, the luckier you get,’ and Mark’s story is no exception. A chance meeting with two professional acquaintances gave Mark the break he needed. One – a Developer – needed to sell land, the other a Financial Planner was looking to buy. By seizing the moment and negotiating a deal which benefited both parties, he made $42,000 in a single day.
Shortly after, Mark employed the method of optioning property again. Negotiating the deal, without a dollar of his own money down, he was able to sell the optioned property a month later, for a personal profit of $1.066m.
While he didn’t know it at the time, this seemingly insurmountable financial crisis what most business owners would consider to be their worst nightmare – was the catalyst for the formation of his empire.
Over three decades later, Mark has helped create 46 millionaires and 121 individuals who self identify as ‘financially free’. With over $311m of property options successfully transacted and $273.4m of residential property delivered to the Australian market through his development company Massland, Mark is a living example that anyone can turn their financial future around, free themselves from the monotony of the 9-5 and escape the crippling clutches of debt, forever.
A passion for professional and personal peak performance
Mark’s innate drive to challenge the established limits of possibility and achieve peak performance extend to every area of his life. An adventure racer and triathlete, Mark has competed in the Des Sables Marathon, the Noosa Triathlon, the New Zealand Triathlon and Australia’s toughest team endurance event, the Kokoda Challenge.
With a passion for dirt bikes, Mark has relished pitting his stamina against the Simpson Desert, in the formidable Finke Desert Race. He equally enjoys non-competitive time on two wheels and can often be found tearing up the dunes on Fraser Island with friends.
The only thing that surpasses Mark’s love of the deal, is of course, his family. He believes the cornerstone of success is a strong family foundation and considers himself blessed to live on the beachfront, with his beautiful wife and children, on Australia’s stunning Gold Coast.
A legacy of ‘no limits’
Fresh from a 3 year ‘mini retirement’, which he spent enjoying quality time with his family, Mark has returned to the forefront of the Australian property industry, with more drive and commitment to seeing his vision fulfilled, than ever. It’s a vision founded on a belief that all Australian’s, from all walks of life, deserve to live a rich life, whatever that means to them.
Using his transformational leadership abilities, Mark intends to continue inspiring and teaching all those who wish to learn – from University students, to stay-at-home parents, CEOs and senior citizens the power of utilising property options as a way of generating a long term and sustainable income, that truly has the power to change their lives.”