Michael Fuller

Strategies: Buying wholesale, Developing, Education, Property investing education

They claim: “Boosting property investment returns using artificial intelligence and passive development
Now everyone can enjoy double digit returns once restricted to wealthy investors only. Get you next property at 20% below market value or enjoy 20% plus returns on your cash or SMSF.
…  We serve investors that are
• Everyday investors looking to create financial freedom through investing in property development
• SMSF trustees looking for excess market returns within an acceptable risk mitigation framework
• Existing property investors who want to invest in risk-mitigated property development without having the skills, resources or time typically required to succeed in property development
• Keen to escape the negative gearing trap and a reliance on debt and fast track their personal wealth and freedom.
The old ways of making money in property like ‘buy, hold, hope and pray’ and relying on negative gearing are over. The markets have changed bringing new opportunities:
Forget about waiting years to make money in property or taking on more negative gearing and the hassle of tenants. Our armchair developer programs means you can:
• Manufacture capital growth quickly
• Maximise your potential returns
• Establish additional income streams
• Lessen your exposure time in the market
• Realise your profit potential by investing at the cost end of creating real estate
• Minimise your overall risk & protect what you’ve already created
• Utilise property and/or the financial markets as a vehicle to generate additional income”