Mike Kelly

Strategies: Buyers agent, Buying wholesale, Developer, Developing, Real estate agent

??? now Chris Gray groupThey claim: “is the parent company of a group of companies that all work together to make profit from real estate based transactions.
Company 1: Finds the funds and operates as the “umbrella” company to ensure all moving parts of the business are well coordinated. This is the primary role of Positive Cashflow Solutions Pty Ltd.
Company 2: Finds the discounted deals (targeting off-market properties that can be purchased well below market value). This can include properties needing renovation, needing a quick sale due to mortgage stress, divorces, deceased estates, properties with DA potential, or properties where the owners do not wish to sell through traditional means and will discount for the convenience.
Company 3: The building company that facilitates the renovations, building work, subdivisions or development of the properties if needed.
Company 4: A licenced real estate agency with trademarked products (only available through this agency) that make the end product easier to sell, for more money, to more buyers. This give us multiple exit strategies to ensure our risk mitigation is maximised.
Although making profit is the obvious goal of every business, our group of companies primarily focus is on making cashflow profits from property transactions. Although capital gains are an important part of wealth creation and MOST traditional property investment strategies, there is no certainty the capital gain will be enjoyed by the investor.
Preferring certainty, we focus on CASHFLOW (immediate and/or ongoing). If capital gains also occur, that’s a double bonus, however we know we can count on the cashflow.
Positive Cashflow Solutions Pty Ltd started trading in 2001. By 2009, the owners had “semi-retired” with 22 investment properties in their portfolio. This gave them the opportunity to be full time Mum & Dad with their young growing family.
Originally, the website was a site that sold training resources & seminars for advanced property strategies focused on cashflow and profit. This included trainers like Robert Kiyosaki, Dolf DeRoos, John Burley, Steve McKnight, etc…
While selling the course material and assisting with staffing many of the events, it seemed obvious the real money was in “doing deals” as opposed to teaching people how to do deals.
Over 450 investors enquired about doing deals & Joint Ventures directly with Positive Cashflow Solutions Pty Ltd. It became abundantly obvious that many (if not most) investors want to “be involved” in doing advanced profitable property transactions, however they didn’t want to put in the effort to learn the process, nor set up the significant infrastructure to allow them to do it themselves.
In reality, most investors simply don’t have enough time to get a great outcome. At best they get the “left-over” deals that the full time investors discard. The amount of work required to find, facilitate and manage highly profitable deal is significant and we found many investors simply wanted to make the money without having to do the work.
This changed the direction of the company from teaching others how to do deals, to actually doing the deals for the investors under Joint Venture or profitable lending programs that let investors become the “lender” while securing their funds lent against discounted property.
All trading activity is conducted in Queensland.”