Richard Wakelin

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They claim: “The Wakelin Approach was developed to assess residential property from an investment perspective. It’s a 7-step process designed to find the best 5 per cent of properties for investment.
Most of all, the Wakelin Approach relies on our expert team’s intimate working knowledge of the Melbourne market. When we identify a property as a worthy investment opportunity it’s evaluated by our entire team. If one of our team feels it’s not up to scratch it doesn’t make our investment grade.
The 7 steps to the Wakelin Approach are:

  • Undertake a client needs analysis
  • Search the whole market and shortlist suitable property
  • Assess the shortlist and rate location and building style
  • Apply due diligence on shortlisted property including a building inspection, contract of sale, current and potential rental income, and projected capital growth
  • Set a price limit for the target property
  • Negotiate/bid for the property on the client’s behalf
  • Schedule an annual review of a client’s portfolio

Underpinning this system are some key principles and techniques:

  • Reviewing all residential properties for sale in inner metropolitan Melbourne
  • Understanding the factors which distinguish investment grade property from the rest of the market
  • Investigating our data sources to determine sales, capital growth and rental return histories
  • Identifying and physically inspecting prospective investment property
  • Selecting only those properties which qualify under our strict criteria
  • Recommending one top-rated property to one client only.

It’s this no-nonsense, no-excuses approach that makes us unique. The Wakelin Approach is fundamental to the way we do business – the core of our success. By matching property performance data to investment principles and using the knowledge of our whole team, we can find you the very best property for investment.
Our commitment: We have a no-pressure, no-sales approach to talking to those who contact us. There is no hard sell. No endless round of follow up calls from us. On receipt of your enquiry, one of our advisors will speak to you on the phone to discuss your needs and answer your questions about the market, how we operate and so on. If it appears we may be able to assist, you’ll be invited to see us for a no-commitment meeting. If at any point you advise you wish to end the journey, we will respect your wishes and not call you.”