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He says: “Hi, my name is Nhan Nguyen. However, most people know me as ‘Mr. No-Money-Down’.
I earned that title by completing over a hundred property deals (total worth over 30 million dollars) – almost entirely funded using other people’s money.
It wasn’t thanks to my upbringing. My parents actually came to this country as refugees with nothing but the shirts on their back.
Money was always short when I was growing up. And when it came to creating wealth – you could say my family was somewhat misinformed.
For example, I grew up thinking that if I studied really really hard, the world would be my oyster. Ha… If only!
It wasn’t until my second year in Uni when I began to realise how the world actually works: A university degree might look great hung on the wall… But when it came to creating freedom for me and my family – it would not be enough. Not even close …
A lot of people ask me, “Nhan, I don’t have cash. I don’t have savings. And I’m not some property expert. Can the fast track still work for me?”
The Fast Track formula works anywhere in Australia. (Just look at the case studies at the bottom of this page and see for yourself!)
The Fast Track formula works even if you have very little, or even no cash. Remember, I had zero dollars in my savings account when I got started. It didn’t stop me from transacting tens of millions of dollars worth of property – and it won’t stop you!
Similarly, you do not need a well paying job to be able to use the formula.
You don’t need experience. You don’t need to be “good with your hands” or a “good negotiator”.
There is only one requirement for being able to make money using The Fast Track formula:
You must be open-minded enough to at least consider doing things a little bit differently.”

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