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Paul Zalitis

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He claims: “Here’s exactly what YOU need to know, right now, about positive cash flow property investing — from an investor with 20 plus years experience!
Inside this FREE interview you’ll discover …

  •  The top 3 things you need to be successful — and how much experience you’ll need
  • The type of person who gets the best results with this cash flow strategy
  • How much you can expect to make per month, and the concept of the “big pay day”
  • What part of the property market offers you the best opportunity for positive cash flow deals — know the type of home you’ll be looking for
  • Where in Australia you can use this positive cash flow strategy
  • Why this strategy outweighs doing it hard for the tax benefits of negative geared property (which only makes you more of a slave to a job you might not even like)
  • The best way to get started — and how long it really takes to be good at this strategy
  • Do you need a buyer first, or a house? It’s answered here!
  • The surprising strategy for fast tracking your success in a property deal
  • Common problems you’re likely to encounter
  • How to benefit from the banks tightening home loans and financing requirements (and why you’ll be seen as a “super hero” — it’s a “win-win” against the banks!

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Take advantage of this successful Aussie investor’s experience in getting started the right way with positive cash flow property investing.”

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