Peter Comben

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They claim: “So many people today sell their home at auction to a developer, who obtains a planning approval that will reap six and sometimes even seven figure increases in profit, simply because they knew how to unlock the hidden value in the property, through smart property development. This is money that the original owner could easily make themselves, or at least share in, if they’d only considered developing their property themselves before selling it.”
– Peter Comben
Smart Property Development is a property development consultancy run by Peter Comben, one of Australia’s most respected property developers and property development educators. For over 28 years Peter has been actively involved in property development, both as a developer and educator, and over that time he has acquired an immense knowledge of how to multiply the value of property, using smart property development strategies.
Between 2004 and 2009 Peter ran one of Australia’s most sought after educational programs on property development, “A Comprehensive Introduction to Property Development”. During that time he combined his love of property with his qualifications as a teacher, to help hundreds of Australians learn how to successfully develop their own properties and use them as leverage to develop multi-million dollar real estate portfolios.
Today, as one of Australia’s most experienced and respected property developers, Peter works exclusively with property owners looking to maximise their financial gain, by developing the full potential from their property, prior to sale, through smart property development.
“The biggest obstacle for people developing property is a lack of knowledge and a lack of confidence” – Peter Comben
Would you like to meet with Peter for an obligation free, no cost property development assessment? His vast experience in developing units, townhouses, small lot subdivisions and small residential apartments is the exact right fit for retirees looking to maximize the value in their greatest asset, and is also perfect for helping first time developers acquire the knowledge, experience and success required to create a bright future in property development.
Peter is friendly, approachable and extremely knowledgeable. He is only too happy to give you a quick, accurate assessment of your properties development potential, free of charge. Nothing beats experience and expert knowledge, and there are very few people in Australia who can offer the expert support and guidance that Peter can in property development.
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