Peter Spann

Strategies: Business Coach, Business investing, Property investing, Speaker
Website: http://www.peterspann.com.au/

Cons: Peter Spann’s Freeman Fox finally loses licence. Why not when reported to ASIC in 2005? Slack Regulators Denise Brailey BFCSA; Regulator implored to examine top wealth creator ABC News. He claims: ‘… works with you to build the business you want.
A business that you are proud of. That is doing good things. That is making a significant profit. A business that wins awards & impacts the world. And most importantly, makes you happy.
Working on any combination of high level strategy or tactical implementation for the entire business, and or as a coach for Executive Level members.
He has worked with a large range of businesses from professionals, medium sized retailers and groups, franchisees, tourism and hospitality, motor dealers, and fashion.
Anywhere there is a direct to consumer bias and interesting and exciting opportunities.”