Peter Thornhill

Strategies: Financial education, Share market education, Speaker, Stock market analyst
Website: https://www.motivatedmoney.com.au/

They claim: ‘give[s] people the knowledge to make informed investment decisions. Its principal, Peter Thornhill has delivered 1000’s of presentations over the years to all types of investors.
Peter helps people achieve an exciting dream in a very boring way. In his words “ I prefer the safety and security of the sharemarket to risky assets like term deposits.” Does that sound strange? For many it will, and that’s why Peter’s boring solution has captivated audiences around Australia.
Peter’s favorite quote is by Helen Keller:
“There is no security in life, there is no security in nature – life is a daring adventure or nothing.”
Peter Thornhill
Peter’s career spans over 40 years in the Financial Services Industry.
Educated in Melbourne, his early years were spent with one of Australia’s leading Insurance Companies. In 1971 he moved to London and joined a London Merchant Bank, as a private client investment adviser.
In 1982 he joined one of the UKs largest Unit Trust Groups and was appointed a Director in 1984.
Since returning to Australia in 1988, Peter has gained considerable respect for his expertise and involvement with some of the country’s most successful managed funds.
Peter is now the principal of Motivated Money Pty Ltd and consults to many of Australia’s leading financial institutions.
His experience and insights into wealth creation through investment and his entertaining delivery make him a highly sought after presenter and a recognized financial commentator in the print and electronic media.
He believes the share markets are guided by forces beyond reason. Their ups and downs can be linked to collective human behavior, not a logical continuum of cause and effect. As a successful investor himself, his views have a firm base in the real financial world. His presentations have become legendary for their no-nonsense assault on popular wisdom. He believes that there is no such thing as a market “crash”; why investing for the long term is the surest way to tap the market’s riches; why market volatility is not a measure of risk; and why looking backwards “can damage your wealth.”
He has recently added the title of author having published a book about investing, dedicated to encouraging people to take responsibility for their financial futures. Although self published and thus without regular bookshop distribution, the book has sold more than 30,000 copies; a tribute to the strong appeal of his message.’