Phillip Sigglekow

Strategies: Developing, Financial education, Property Coaching, Property club, Property investing and Renovation education, Property investors group

They say: “was incorporated to bridge the gap of clients and professional coaches. People who are serious about getting ahead want to know all the mechanics of the different investment strategies. People in the 21 st century require superior knowledge and financial education in order to acquire future wealth and happiness.
Mr Philip Sigglekow of the Australian Property Investors Network experience and knowledge includes over and more than 17 years experience in tourism developments, golf courses, subdivisions, dealing with councils, rezoning applications, building and construction of townhouses, houses and duplexes. The author or three books and another two in the final stages, has positioned Philip as a valuable alliance partner group and public speaker.
APIN is based in Sydney with experienced and reliable representatives in the Gold Coast Queensland, Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC and Perth Western Australia.
APIN is in the business of providing people with education and self empowerment. Knowledge is the key to success and APIN is committed to improving the awareness of and opportunities for improved financial literacy all those interested in accomplishing financial rewards and personal fulfilment in life. Wether you are starting out or are a professional investor, being a part of this network will give you the valuable tools to take your financial future to a whole new level …
Join the Millionaire Investor Club and become part of the APIN family.
Your APIN Journey
You’ll be among friends on your Journey with APIN. The APIN community is a diverse and empowered global network of families and individuals committed to a better life. At the very least, the heightened financial literacy supported in the APIN messages can help individuals make better choices in how they earn and spend money; at its best it will elevate individuals to levels of financial independence that they had only imagined.
Whether you are 17 or 70, we have a place for you. In fact you get to choose who can help you.
The Spirit of APIN
Generosity is key to the APIN philosophy: we get rich by being generous. Believing that we can become free from financial fears and worries awakens us to the roles all of us can play in supporting organizations and programs within our communities whose work betters our world.
Many of our parents went through immense hardship but that doesn’t mean we have to endure the same pain. It is the right of every individual to be rich and happy and not just the privileged few. Even if being rich means owing our own home, no credit debt and providing the best for our families is better than the alternative of a life of struggle and no hope.
Knowledge and Research
At APIN we are constantly researching and finding the latest information and statistics on investing in property. We can offer knowledge in the following areas:
1. Detailed property analysis reports [PAR] 2. Monitoring population trends and growth rates
3. Obtaining valuation reports and sales comparisons [RP Data] 4. Regular networking opportunities and forums
5. Regular updates, newsletters, seminars and meetings
6. Assistance with information about Insurance through our support alliances – Financial Planners
7. Assistance with property legal documentation and tax office compliance through our support alliances in conveyancing and CPA’s
8. Provide a list of suitable properties in a range that fits your needs
9. Assistance with developing personal wealth creation plans
10. Your own local Area Manager and coach.
How can you benefit?
At APIN we believe knowledge is power. We have the best set of full colour e-books on the internet today. There is no need to attend long weekend costly seminars and bootcamps, welcome to the future of ‘Webucation’ where you can learn what you want, when you want it and how you want it.
Learn at your own pace in your own time then ask questions on the forum or attend our unique 1 day specific modulated training days, from how to get started in investing – to how to become your own DIY developer.
APIN provides a range of services to help ensure that investing is a simple and stress-free exercise. Many people spend thousands of dollars on information and education – until now.
♣ Our support alliances can help you through every aspect of investing.
♣ Our regular newsletters will keep you updated on the latest information.
♣ Our e-books and books will educate you on many different topics.
♣ Our free seminars are very informative and you will be able to network as well.
♣ Our home study kits give you the chance to learn in the comfort of your own home without paying expensive ‘boot camp’ weekends.
♣ Our list of investment properties has been carefully selected. Our 10 point selection criteria in finding the best investment properties includes:
♣ Brand new or near new for tax depreciation
♣ Low vacancy area
♣ High demand by tenants
♣ Preferably brick and tile construction on torrens title land
♣ Close to transport facilities, buses, trains
♣ Close to schools, universities and child care
♣ Close proximity to shopping centres
♣ High employment area with a mixture of commercial
♣ High capital growth areas
♣ Positive cash flow and mortgage elimination program”