Rick Otton

Strategies: Property investing, rent to buy, wraps
Website: http://www.rickotton.com/

Updated April 2023

Cons: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v We Buy Houses Pty Ltd [2017] FCA 915 (11 August 2017) and Property spruiker Rick Otton and We Buy Houses fined record $18 million, Aus Federal Court Rick Otton – Federal Court Decides, Naysayer;  Landlords in Distress Rick Otton found guilty of deceptive conduct, Property Tribes (PT); We buy Houses” – but why? 7.30 Report on the strategy and Rick Otton; WA Lead Charge on Property Spruikers, ABC, News.
He says:People like to “purchase my steak”, but they also call me a “Dangerous Showman” because of how well I “sell the sizzle”. The reason I created this online training series is because some of us don’t have 40 years to devote to learning anything new and would rather just plug and play.
Like me, a dangerous showman, you’re bound to experience setbacks along the way, as well as make blunders and do some stupid things. Getting good at anything won’t happen quickly, but you can get started on the road to mastery right now. Take advantage of the smart moves I made over the past few decades and attempt to avoid the mistakes I made.
Some people might not be comfortable with the fact that I started selling life insurance at the age of 18 and eventually became the highest paid stage closer in my country. That’s fine with me, as my delivery style isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, however some of us drink coffee
Even if you apply just a few of the concepts, you could, perhaps, maybe, sometimes, probably, hopefully, possibly and potentially * expect spectacular results in your business for years to come.
Choose, Take 40 Years To Learn Yourself… Or Plug In To Someone That Did?
You see, what I have explained I did not learn from university or text books. It comes from acquired knowledge encompassing 40 years in a multitude of deal-closing environments, and I am still learning today!
The art of closing the deals does not come from selling, but from others wanting to buy. The details of this mastered skill is revealed in my multimedia deal closer series, that includes my book, “How To Get People To Give You Money…By Asking The Right Questions”.