Rob Flux

Strategies: Developing, Mentoring, Property investing, Property seminars, Source property

They claim: ‘Property Development Made Simple. In order for a deal to happen there are multiple elements to the equation. You need a property with development potential, you need flexible terms and conditions on the sale, you need Development skills, experience and the time to manage the deal, you need both capital and cash flow finances, you need access to a wide range of professional consultants, you need a reliable and skilled builder, and lastly you need a mechanism to sell your finished product.
Assembling all of these ingredients together & having a profitable project can be a difficult and time consuming task. This is where Developer Network can help. We have access to all of these resources and the time and skills to assemble the team by matching the requirements of each person in the development life cycle with the next person in the food chain, creating deals where others can’t.’