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Roger Montgomery

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Pros: Alan Kohler has referred to Roger as “one of the nations smartest and most successful value investors” and Ross Greenwood has described him as “one of Australia’s best-regarded stock market investors” and as a man who “invests well, not often”. Of Value.able, Ross Greenwood wrote, “Value.able is a hidden gem. For people who want to understand how to genuinely value a business before investing, rather than ‘hitting and hoping’, this is a book you simply must read. The very best investors in the world are ‘value’ investors. They don’t invest all the time – only when the market values and business conditions are ripe. This discipline is fully explained in Value.able and time spent here will be potentially highly rewarding for readers”.
He claims: “Montgomery Investment Management is owned by its staff and was founded in 2010 by Chief Investment Officer Roger Montgomery, following a successful career as an analyst, strategist, fund manager and public company chairman. He is also a best-selling finance author. Together with CEO David Buckland and Head of Research Tim Kelley, they bring to bear more than seven decades of business, investment and financial market experience, knowledge and relationships.
Montgomery is a team of 18 highly experienced and focused individuals dedicated to the twin goals of sound stewardship and personal service.
In 2016 Montgomery won the prestigious Emerging Fund Manager of the Year award by Money Management and Lonsec.
Montgomery team members appear regularly in the media and press, including the ABC’s Midday News and Statewide Drive radio program; Ross Greenwood’s Money News program on 2GB and Sky News Business Channel’s Your Money Your Call, Switzer TV and TICKY with Ticky Fullerton.
Roger and the Montgomery Investment Management team appear regularly on television and radio, and write for several mainstream publications. They can be found speaking regularly on ABC Statewide Drive radio program and Ross Greenwood’s Money News program on 2GB, as well as on Your Money Your Call and Peter Switzer’s Switzer TV on the Sky News Business Channel, and last but most certainly not least The Business with Ticky Fullerton on ABC.
Visit www.rogermontgomery.com to secure your Second Edition copy of Value.able and learn how Roger Montgomery values the best stocks and buys them for less than they’re worth.”

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